Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Birthday Post

Instead of letting another birthday pass in apathy, I've decided to make it a goal to meet daily goals in the things I want to accomplish. I have a history of setting goals and not accomplishing them. How will this time be different? I'm scared that it won't. I'm scared that I will miss my goals and daily tasks and I'll go back to having vague goals with no real plans to achieve them.

I'm done with vague goals that have no chance.

I've set SUCH SMALL goals that accomplishing them on a daily basis will be easy. I'm not going to list the goals here but I will give one example. One of my goals is to do a single push-up every day. Not too hard right? Surprisingly, it'll still be a major challenge to remember to do a push-up. I need to do 1 a day. I don't have to limit myself to 1 a day, but I need to do at least 1. That's it.

I have about 8 daily goals None of them are very hard. Each of them must be done every day. I could do them all in the morning (except for one that should be done at night before going to bed). Easy right?

Small wins on a daily basis.

Small wins on a daily basis might lead to larger wins over a sustained period of time. Some of these goals will lead to progress in much more substantial goals.

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