Thursday, June 29, 2017

Editing my own Appalachian Trail Videos... This is the result

When I started hiking the Appalachian Trail I brought with me a brand new iPad Pro and a relatively new iPhone 7. These were the tools I would use to take video footage, upload them, and wait on my older brother to edit them. The videos that resulted were pretty amazing. However, as Contention Media exploded in popularity and every would-be bride wanted a romantic-emo rendition of their wedding footage ingrained in the annals of time as a permanent reminder of the mistakes they made in their youth, Jon became more and more predisposed. I started making my own videos. The following is the result of my efforts..... some are terrible, but I hope they are getting better:

I'll have to post my favorite video later... when google decides it is good enough to be indexed in the search category.

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