Friday, September 9, 2016

The Need to Create Content

Why complain about someone else's content in the comments section when you can create your own content to annoy other people? Right? It makes no sense to complain in the comment section when you could be CREATING the content.

The problem here is that no one is obliged to read your content. Often your content could go unnoticed. I posted roughly 5 YouTube videos over 6 years and they have hardly any views. Should they? Of course not. There is no consistent content creation. I've not given anyone a reason to come back to my channel and watch. Or subscribe.

If you decide to become a content creator you should work on consistency first and then upgrade your quality as you progress. The quality of my YouTube videos are terrible but they will get better over time.

I've not been a consistent blogger either. I've decided to change that this month. I want to post 1 blog a day this month, just as an experiment. These are my blogs so far this month:

1. From Today: The Church as the Villain in Fiction
2. How to Twitter Properly
3. The Struggle: Struggles I am dealing with trying to make something happen.
4. 7 Proactive Steps for Publishing: I'm teaching myself here.
5. 8 Tips from an Author who went No. 1: Jeff Bennington
6. The Traffic Stop: Flash Fiction
7. Kindle Direct Publishing: Teaching Myself
8. The Ethics of the Murder of Sim Entities in a Sufficiently Complex Virtual Universe

Videos I have created on YouTube in the last year.

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