Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How To Twitter Properly

As of writing this I have 826 twitter followers. Some of them seem to be advertisements for porn. I follow 1,707 accounts. I started following Ian Sutherland and he tweeted to me "Thanks 4 following! Here's 10 free marketing videos." So I click the link and I enter my e-mail and watch the first video (each successive video will be sent to me in 2 day increments). He captured my e-mail and is training me to check my e-mail but the first video has zero substance. So, I thought I'd do a little research myself and find out the best practices for Twitter marketing. I've been making mistakes.

As with any of my posts let me add the caveat that I am writing this to learn faster, not because I am an expert.


1. Don't just market yourself but engage in conversations. Social Times suggests an 80:20 rate of conversation to marketing.

2. "Participate in (or host) Twitter chats." Source article. What's a twitter chat? A twitter chat is using a hashtag to create a chat-room. Since I am writing Young Adult Fiction one hashtag that I see others use often is #Yalitchat. A website or blog will often set up a time to have a group chat with a prominent author using such a hashtag. Participating in such chats will help you to achieve goal number 1. Here is a comprehensive list of twitter chats.

3. Videos have "2.5 times more replies, 2.8 times more Retweets, and 1.9 times more likes than simply including a link to a third-party video in your Tweet" (Source). Videos can be up to 512 MB and 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. Here is a video guide put out by Twitter.

Here is one I made just for this post about a concert I saw in St. Louis.

4. Like the way I embedded that tweet? Here is a guide on how to embed tweets.

5. Be careful who you follow. If you're aiming to have a lot of writers follow you, start following writers. My Twitter account is way different than my Facebook account because I don't want them to be the same. I want my Twitter account to be about writing and to reach out to readers. My Facebook account is an abyss of political drudgery. This is probably half the reason I intermittently shut Facebook down in favor of Twitter and happy thoughts. I intend not to let my Twitter account succumb to the political black hole that is my Facebook account.

6. Use hashtags. Most of my interactions with people occur when I use hashtags. Hashtags open you up to the world of twitter and not just those who follow you. It ads a little more permanence to your post than you would otherwise have. Twitter is, after all, fleeting. A post can be buried in just a few minutes without using hashtags and getting interactive.

7. Use Tweetdeck. It's the best way to properly use hashtags and use the chat features of Twitter. You can search for a hashtag on a topic you find interesting and create a column in your tweetdeck to participate in those discussions.

From the time I started writing this until right now I have gained 2 followers. Woohoo!

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