Sunday, September 4, 2016

8 Tips From an Author who went No. 1

I want to self-publish my fiction and earn a living doing so. I don't know many people who have accomplished this (aside from those whose podcasts I listen to, blogs I read) but I did get a chance to ask a local writer for advice. His name is Jeff Bennington; website here.

Jeff went all the way to no. 1 in the Kindle free store. This is an accomplishment because there are hundreds of thousands of books being published every year, many of them free. Having a free book is a good way to start of a series and it used to be a good way of raising the ranking of your book when it is placed back on sale. Check out "The Secret in Defiance: A Coming of Age Supernatural Thriller."

I asked Jeff what has changed since the last time we talked in 2011.

Yeah, a lot has changed. Many of the principles I wrote about in the Indie Author's Guide to the Univers (Now, The Author's Guide to Publishing Success--Ebook) still apply, but where and how you market has totally changed. 
Some takeaways from our conversation:

-Keep writing and perfecting the craft.
-Visit author resource page for the best place to promote.
-If you don't have 50-100 excellent reviews, you can't even advertise on many of the top sites (BookBub, etc).
-Grow your audience.
-Capture opt-in e-mails with your e-book.
-Listen to your reviews (with a grain of salt)
-Pay for editing and proofreading from an outside source (not friends or family)
-Publish great covers that ONLY equal the top selling books in your genre.

**Jeff added to the article that you should pay for an editor whether or not 

The hardest of these pieces of advice will be to pay for an editor and to acquire a good artwork for book covers. It's a tough cycle. If I were to manage to convince an agent to take me up and if they manage to sell my writings to a publisher I wouldn't have to pay for these things. However, my first book would be published in the distant future and not any time soon. I want people to read my stuff and I want feedback.

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