Tuesday, September 6, 2016

7 Proactive Steps for Publishing

My current income comes from non-fiction writing that occasionally consumes all my mental willpower. When I have a break from writing (surviving) I tend to watch YouTube videos and listen to both audio-books and podcasts. What steps am I taking to change this?

Steps I am taking to Earn Income from Fiction

1. Writing. It's a well known fact that if one does not write fiction, one does not earn money from writing fiction. I am spending more time writing fiction.

2. Taking advice from others. Check out this post: 8 Tips from an author who went no. 1

3. E-mail list. I would have just used gmail but apparently spam filters flag that stuff when it's coming from mailchimp servers from a gmail address. So I bought a domain www.gefiction.com and can now be e-mailed at george@gefiction.com.

It took me awhile to figure out how to post this form here. (Reason 4 after the form!).  Be my first subscriber?

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4. I'm building my social media accounts. On facebook I am George.Edwards2 and on Twitter I am @WritingDystopia.

5. I'm listening to a couple of podcasts that are oriented towards writing. One is called "The story Grid" and the other is called "The Creative Penn." I heard about the former from the latter.

6. I'm researching a lot about book marketing and self-publishing techniques.

7. I'm blogging more. In my mind if I blog more an gain an audience before I publish then I will have more success than if I do not.

Check out my reasoning for self-publishing.

Flash Fiction
1.The Ethics of the Murder of Sim Entities in a Sufficiently Complex Virtual Universe
2.The Traffic Stop (Flash Fiction)

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