Monday, March 21, 2016

Highlights from Apple's Keynote Speech (Live Updates)

iPad Announcement: Introducing the 2nd member of the iPad family with a 9.7 inch display. It's marketed as "The Ultimate PC Replacement." It comes with over 1 million apps in the app store.

The ipad has the same display as the larger ipad pro (high refresh rate, less reflective than an iPad air 2).

4 speakers, great audio volume. A9X chip with over 3 billion transistors. More graphics power than an Xbox 360. Supports "Hey Siri." 12 mp iSight camera, 4k video, able to hook a microphone in for podcasts.

Price: 32 GB wifi for $599.

A new iPhone was  announced. It's called the iPhone SE. It looks like the iPhone 5s but it's insides are different. "It's the most powerful 4 inch phone ever." It has the 64 bit A9 chip. Its a lot faster with battery improvements. 12 MP isight camera with Focus Pixels and True Tone Flash. Live photos will be available for it as well.

Also, the display acts as a selfie flash to increase the light for a selfie.

But there's more. IOS 9.3 is being released. Many people are already using the Beta. The update includes:
-Nightshift: reduces bluelight, helps people to sleep after using at night.
-Notes App update: protect personal notes with a passcode or fingerprint.
-Health App & News Updates.
-CarPlay App & Education App: The education app is interesting. It's a suite of apps designed for students, teachers, and administrators. 

LTE speeds are fast, more LTE bands, higher speed wifi, and Apple Pay.

There are more than 1 billion Apple device in use around the world. With it comes a responsibility for security.

 How much power should government have over our data?

"We did not expect to be in this position. At odds with our own government," says Cook. Regarding security Cook says, "We will not shrink from that responsibility," in regard to protecting customer data.

 -The Environment Liam looks awesome. Apples is recycling everything without waste in a way that would make Bernie Sanders angry.

-Health Research kit has cool new updates including the diagnosis of autism with face tracking.

Apple launches carekit. Carekit is a medical data aggregator for your personal medical information. Again, apple reiterates privacy.

-Apple Watch: Top selling smart watch in the world. Casey Neistat was even wearing it for awhile until that ominous trip into the Samsung store, after which he has only Samsung products displayed in his vidoe... Cook introduced new woven Nylon bands. They look pretty cool.

Apple Watch Price Cut! Starting at $299.

-Apple TV:  TvOS Adds dictation! Finally! This was my major complaint with Apple TV. The Free update begins today.

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