Sunday, March 6, 2016

Deadpool Wins; Ryan Reynolds tells why

When Deadpool was portrayed in the X-men origins movie, avid fans hated it. Ryan Reynolds hated it. “It was a very frustrating experience,” he said in an interview with Jess Cagle of People Magazine. “It’s the wrong version, Deadpool wasn’t correct in it.” If writers were available this might not have happened. In fact Ryan Reynolds had to write every line of the Wolverine origins Deadpool himself because of the Writer’s Guild of America strike. To get approval for the movie was also a difficult task. Reynold’s compromised his role then so he could fix it later.

According to Reynolds, getting the greenlight was an 11 year “worst relationship I’ve ever been in.” Furthermore, “the fans overwhelmed 20th century Fox studios with hate mail, I’m sure other illegal substances filled containers.”

Tim Miller was the director. Up until Deadpool, Tim Miller had never done a feature length film. His first attempt was legitimately beautiful.

The writers of the film, Paul Wernick and Rhett Rheese did a great job. They kept the character on point as the “merc with a mouth.” Deadpool and his identity as Wade WIlson were both comical portrayals. In instance of this humor shows itself when Wade has his elderly, blind, female roommate putting together IKEA furniture all day.

Reynolds observes that Deadpool breaks the 4th wall (addresses the audience). And indeed it does. It’s like a “Wayne’s World” of superhero movies. Further, it was produced without as much money as one would expect. “Our budget for Deadpool is what most superhero movies spend on just cocaine.” According to the budget was $58 million dollars. As of right now the movie has netted $311 million domestically and $673 million worldwide. Compare that to X-Men Origins; Wolverine which has netted $179 million and $373 million respectively on a $150 million dollar budget, more than twice that of Deadpool.
Deadpool wins. You can’t take away the mouth of “the merc with a mouth.”

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