Sunday, March 6, 2016

Announcing: Wanted; The George Edwards Show

I've been contemplating doing a podcast for a very long time. My own podcast. Why?

1. I want to talk to people. I love having great conversations with people who are at various points in their life doing various things. Having an excuse to chat with people I admire is my life goal right now.

2. I have a wide variety of interests and REFUSE to niche down. I realize that being niche is a good way to find success but I can't do it. I want to talk about various topics ranging from science fiction to video games. MAYBE even do audio fiction when I get better at audio editing.

3. I HATE being at the mercy of other people. It makes me angry and passive-aggressive. It's like being in a bad relationship.

Types of guests I'd like to have:

1. Authors- I love reading and writing. I mostly enjoy speculative fiction.
2. Entrepreneurs- Particularly cryptocurrency entrepreneurs but also anyone who has found some measure of success doing something interesting.
3. Technology- iPhone rumors, Virtual Reality, etc
4. Geeks- Cosplayers, videogamers, programmers.
5. Politicians- As cynical as I am on the subject, I still want to interview some.
6. Scholars- I love academia. Particularly academic scholars.
7. YouTubers and Podcasters- Casey Neistat types, yeah!
8. My daughter Alexandria- Her fan fiction, guests she wants to talk to, things that we can both be interested in together. 

Any advice would be much appreciated. 

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