Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Resolution

This blog is the result of one of my New Year's resolution. Despite all the negativity surrounding these types of resolutions, I've made some positive life-changes in the past and intend to make more in the coming year using the New Year as a catalyst.

Everyone needs goals.

So what are mine?

1. Write
-Write a blog or an article of some form every day that I can publish in some venue even if just on my own personal blog.

2. Video essay production
-Learn how to make effective video essays on subjects I am interested in.

3. Fitness
-1 push-up a day. This is a much more reasonable goal than going to the gym.

4. Food
-Don't eat shit food. Be able to fast for 2-10 days without losing productivity. Think Stoicism. No matter what happens, I can make it. Be able to fast without metabolizing muscle.

5. Accounting
-This needs to happen. I need to keep track of my money. If for no other reason I need to do this for 80/20 analysis of my endeavors once they become popular. 

6. Take time to re-learn things I believe I'm competent at. This goes doubly for writing.

That's it. Those are my resolutions. What are yours?

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