Sunday, January 10, 2016

Apple Fanboy Switched Back to Spotify

It's official. Apple Music is garbage. Jon Edwards shed a tear for Taylor Swift as he made the announcement that he is sick and tired of Apple Music erasing downloaded music, crashing, and being a general pain-in-the ass to use.

"The User-Interface sucks compared to everything," he said when asked how it was compared to Spotify. "Beat One was promising for about a day but now it's just ghetto."

I've had a similar experience. Apple Music is not the way to go when driving friends around in your car. I search for songs they request and the entire app crashes when I finally click on them. I have an iPhone 6 and Jon has a 6s Plus so it's not like we're using outdated devices.

Spotify just gained 3 users back.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Beautiful Pennsylvania, Dirty People

My brother and I went to visit Centralia, PA today. Centralia has a special place in video gamer’s heart for a very specific reason. Why? Because it is the inspiration for the game Silent Hill. In fact, when I “checked-in” on facebook it was described Centralia as “Silent Hill-Centralia.” It was a cool experience. More on that in another blog, another venue.

What wasn’t cool was the vast amount of trash in the area and surrounding the coal mines for miles and miles. As we navigated towards rocks that were steaming from an underground fire in the middle of the woods we had to step over and through trash. Stuff like that might be expected from an abandoned town whose inhabitants fled because the ground would occasionally open up and eat them whole right? But what about everywhere else?

The abandoned town might explain the trash in the immediate area but what explains the dumptrucks worthof trash for miles outside of Centralia? Pennsylvania has some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, much of which we have clipped together for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, but the frequency of trash puts a real dent in any aesthetic pleasure that should have been possible.

I’m the type of person who would throw trash in my car before ever throwing trash out the window. I lose ALL respect for people who decide to shit on their surroundings by chucking their refuse out of their car. If you’re that type of person, stop. If not, maybe pitch-in to help clean a block or two. It’s not Trump who’ll make our country great again, it’s those willing to pick up their own God damn trash.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Resolution

This blog is the result of one of my New Year's resolution. Despite all the negativity surrounding these types of resolutions, I've made some positive life-changes in the past and intend to make more in the coming year using the New Year as a catalyst.

Everyone needs goals.

So what are mine?

1. Write
-Write a blog or an article of some form every day that I can publish in some venue even if just on my own personal blog.

2. Video essay production
-Learn how to make effective video essays on subjects I am interested in.

3. Fitness
-1 push-up a day. This is a much more reasonable goal than going to the gym.

4. Food
-Don't eat shit food. Be able to fast for 2-10 days without losing productivity. Think Stoicism. No matter what happens, I can make it. Be able to fast without metabolizing muscle.

5. Accounting
-This needs to happen. I need to keep track of my money. If for no other reason I need to do this for 80/20 analysis of my endeavors once they become popular. 

6. Take time to re-learn things I believe I'm competent at. This goes doubly for writing.

That's it. Those are my resolutions. What are yours?