Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lonely God

As God gazed at his creation from above he turned inward on himself.  What’s the point of being omnipotent when omnipotence is the strongest, most salient limit on life?  My existence, he thought, necessitates my loneliness.  But my creations don’t satiate that loneliness. They are just images of me; often times thinking they ARE me.  I have made some with the perception of thinking.  They are the most deluded.  I AM, and therefore they are not.  They are not thinkers.  They do not have free will.  They just follow the path I set in motion. 

Like a little girl with inanimate dolls.  The doll’s future is determined by that girl and therefore by me.  It is determined by the girl to the extent she has the capacity to plan ahead.  They are determined wholly by me.  Nothing surprises me.  Nothing catches me off guard.

So sometimes I get vicious. 

Like me, all these creations spend most of their waking hours looking for new and innovative ways of being entertained.  Why not?  What else is there to do?  So when things aren’t going well for the dolls the girl makes them fight.  Enraptured with the fight she almost fails to notice the intruder in her room.  She looks up to see a dirty, drunken man stagger in with one goal in mind. 
And I AM entertained.

What would I give, he thinks, to have men do this on their own volition?  Most are convinced they do, but again, they are deluded.  The capacity for free will is impossible in the presence of omnipotence.  So at most a single man can be responsible for great terrors but ME, he thought, I knew about these terrors when I was weaving you in your mother’s womb.  I am wholly responsible. 

God is LOVE, but he is also HATE, RAPE, and MURDER.  

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