Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Kid-Sister

Check out this cool little writing contest here.  The goal is to write something in 250 words or less with a certain phrase selected from the winning passage of the previous week.  This week that prompt was:

"He read the texts and the prophecy." 

Sirens breached the threshold of the audible as James packed a bag for his kid-sister Jenny. The Catskill Mountains surrounded them. The rough terrain would force a pursuit on foot, and James knew every cave, cliff, and river for miles. 

“What’s happening Jay?” asked Jenny.

James took her hand and led her to the rear entrance of the house. “I’ll explain on the way,” he said. “Run, sis!”

The sirens were much louder now. They leapt off the incomplete deck and scrambled downward, toward the ravine below, Jenny still clutching her dolly. 

He read the texts and the prophecy. They claimed, with stunning accuracy, many events that had come to pass. But now they predicted the end of all Government. They predicted Anarchy.

James could hear the Police ripping through the gravel of his parent’s driveway as they half slid, half ran downward to the ravine. 

“I’m scared Jay,” Jenny said.

Julian Assange initially released a version of the prophecy with redacted names and addresses. 

James and Jenny found some respite in a cave.

“I’m hungry Jay,” said Jenny. 

Jay gave her some bread he had packed. The prophecy named Jenny. It named his kid-sister who was presently munching away on bread, looking around in fear. An ancillary clause stated, “If the girl lives past ten, all government will eventually end.” 

“What is this?” Jenny asked, shuffling through her bag. She produced a book. 

James smiled at her, “You’ll need that sis. ‘For a New Liberty,’ by Murray Rothbard.”