Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mises on Bachmann and Santorum "Value Voters"

After the Santorum surge in Iowa, many voters were interviewed about why they voted for him.  One family replied, "He's all about family values, I have a family."  So what happens when someone "votes their values?"  Mises stated it well in Theory and History:

There is, of course, but one way to make one's own judgments of value supreme.  One must beat into submission all those dissenting.  This is what all representatives of the various collectivist doctrines are striving for.  They ultimately recommend the use of violence and the pitiless annihilation of all those whom they condemn as heretics.  Collectivism is a doctrine of war, intolerance, and persecution.  If any of the collectivist creeds should succeed in its endeavor, all people but the great dictator would be deprived of their essential human quality.  They would become mere soulless pawns in the hands of a monster.  

Of course there is a different way to spread your values that doesn't require the political apparatus but then we would no longer be talking about Santorum.