Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Good was Atlas Shrugged Part 1?

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I must admit that I am somewhat bias when it comes to this movie because I read the book and loved the story.  Ayn Rand has influenced me quite a bit.  Her books are quintessential "Dystopia" novels that, more than any other books, inspired me to try my hand at writing.  So when I went to see the first movie of 3 I was.... cautiously optimistic (a term economists use in their forecasts when they have no freakin' idea how things will turn out).  So what did I think? 

This movie was everything it should have been given the constraints.  It was great!  Sure, it probably should have been longer even for being only 1/3 of the novel but the cast was perfect, the drama was tenable, and the philosophy permeated.  The film exuded the drama Ayn Rand incorporated into her book.  To be honest, though, this is a review of someone who knows and loves the ideas in Atlas Shrugged (as they are written there, not as they are presented in later non-fiction works).  

I don't think my love of the Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged" is the sole reason for me enjoying this movie.  There was a series of fiction that I enjoyed growing up but ended up hating the movie version... mainly the "Left Behind" series.  The "Left Behind" movie left me very disappointed despite the fact that I was a Christian who was into Bible prophecy at the time.  It even starred Kirk Cameron... and it sucked!  Atlas Shrugged was really good!

Another movie that really sucked was "The Fountainhead."  I loved the book but the movie was terrible.  If Atlas Shrugged turns out to be a hit it may be a good idea to do a movie version of Atlas Shrugged as well.  So, again, I don't think I liked the movie simply because I liked the book and associated the movie so intimately with it.  The movie communicated the book very effectively.  

There were parts of the book that were left out of the movie but some future extended version of Atlas Shrugged can fix that.  Starz did a mini-series on Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth" that communicated the book really well and gave the details of the book due diligence.  For now I am hyped up about the next movie coming our.  According to some sources, if the movie does well this weekend it will expand.  Of course the hope is to have the movie build momentum and eventually become a blockbuster but as of right now it is being called a wildcard by those in the know.  

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