Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dystopia's Little Brother - A follow up by Andrew Edwards

So, my brother posted about the chronology of music he obsessed over throughout his life: here. We grew up in the same household yet have very different taste in music, then as well as now. I thought it would be interesting to go through the same chronology, same time periods and tell the readers what it could have been like. Think multiple universes in Marvel.

We grew up in the same house, under the same rules, and were forced to listen to a lot of the same music. And a lot of the songs George mentions are wonderful. First though, while he was obsessing over Lost the Plot, I was looking for things a bit harder. In 1996, the same year Take Me to Your Leader came out, the first Seltzer compilation came out. On it was this song:

And that was the beginning of our divergence. Not to say a complete divergence but since then I’ve always been after harder, faster music.

Yup, I was going deeper into the punk scene. I bought my first punk rock compilation album “Double Shot Punk” from Walmart in 2000. An album I kept secreted away from both my parents and my siblings in order to not have it smashed because of its secular nature. On the second disc was another MxPx song I obsessed over.

And a foray into the secular side of music

I had a great group of friend in high school, people who introduced me to a lot of wonderful music. I remember borrowing Rage Against the Machines “Evil Empire” album and recording it onto a cassette type from a battery powered boombox I swiped from my sister and hid in the woods to perform the deed.

Used to listen to this song over and over on a walkman my sister had let me borrow.
After my parents moved out and I was left with the house so I could continue my education, my college buddies got me into the Counting Crows and Perfect circle. Especially this song:

That was the extent of the softer side of obsessions. Not to say I didn’t listen to other soft music at the time, nothing really stood out as amazing.

I would listen to a tape of the Beanbag album, which is next to impossible to find anymore, over and over again but really I was still looking for other great music. Bands like Dropkick Murphys and NoFx were always up there on my personal music charts. I was listening to “Blackout” by the Dropkick Murphy’s during the major blackouts along the east coast.

So to bring it a bit more forward, I got into Godsmack and System of a Down. Both had nostalgic value. The albums were given to me by friends that moved away to other countries. A really great girl that I’ll remember forever gave me the Voodoo album when she told me she was leaving for Germany while we were hanging out at a party in the back yard of her best friend’s house, another wonderful girl. Rock Hill was a primer in Rock music for me.

I moved to PA after loseing my entire cd collection flipping my car into a Hudson River tributary. On my way out of New York I bought two albums, Breaking Benjamin and Crossfade. Hated the Breaking Benjamin album and loved Crossfade. Obsessed over this song:

Stayed in PA a short amount of time and moved to Ohio. In Ohio I was introduced to Kidney Thieves and became obsessed with this song:

Moved out of Ohio and to Indiana were I learned a lot of great music and came into my own as a musician. Bright Eyes, Project 86, Blindside, and the Dresden Dolls are all honorable mentions. Mike Patton bands were an obsession for a little bit, especially this song:

I also got into Jazz, particularly the driving walking bass of Charles Mingus. The guy is a genius and I would listen to this over and over:

And that pretty much brings it up till today, with quite a few gaps and a lot of great songs that should be on here and aren't. My brother and I grew up in the same environment, very different taste in music. Strange how that works. 

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