Monday, April 18, 2011

Do Anarchists Riot Against Government Austerity?

Should it be called "Anarchistic" if one is rioting in the street for more government?  Subsidized students are one of the most violent groups of people when they lose their subsidy.  I mean, what else are they going to do?  I write here about why all schools subsidies should cease... but I do not come at this topic from a public safety perspective.  

First I want to say.. Only Keynesians on par with the rationalization sophistications of Paul Krugman could say that riots or "anarchy" in Greece are the result of "austerity measures" rather than a lack of previous austerity that led to forced bankruptcy.  This would be like claiming that if Enron would never have declared bankruptcy they would have been just fine and in fact they should have increased their spending in bad times.  We all know that if they increased their spending that would have increased the tragedy.  Why is a country any different?  They don't have a central bank to further confuse the issue.. they are essentially like a business except with forced payments from taxpayers.

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So it is ANARCHY when students riot for more government?  When "Austerity" creates unrest due to lack of government funded programs?  These people are rioting for... anarchy??  That's what "The Independent" suggests.

F.A Hayek, who is not an anarchist but provides a foundation for its advocacy, delineates the difference between a market society and a totalitarian society:

While superficially it may seem that two types of civilization are today competing for the allegiance of the people of the world, the fact is that the promise they offer to the masses, the advantages they hold out to them, are essentially the same.  Though the free and the totalitarian countries both claim that their respective methods will provide more rapidly what those people want, the goal itself must seem to them the same.  The chief difference is that only the totalitarians appear clearly to know how they want to achieve that result, while the free world has only its past achievements to show, being by its very nature unable to offer any detailed "plan" for further growth
The rioters are not anarchists in any true sense of the word.  Sure, some of them may very well be self-proclaimed anarchists with a propensity for violence and a lack of reflective thought, but they are rioting FOR government, not against it.  They are rioting for the totalitarian with a plan.  For government expenditures.

Paul Krugman, as well, is advocating for totalitarianism.  Even as the S&P threatens to downgrade the United States credit rating this lunatic says "no big deal."  It's not austerity we need, he would shout, look at Ireland and Greece!!!!  But it IS austerity we need.  Austerity as in.. less spending and less taxation NOT less spending and more taxation as Ireland and Greece have committed to.  We don't want government advancing itself but choking and dieing.  The Keynesian mechanisms and paradigm has failed.. there is no political clear cut way to solve these issues even if there was a proper Keynesian course of action.  Instead, as the slogan goes, we need free markets and free minds.  We need government-less entrepreneurial creativity.

Someday this doublespeak will end and hopefully with it government will cease and be replaced by market order rather than pro-government riots.

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