Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Contest to Win a Kindle from a Local Indiana Author

Want to win a Kindle?  A local Indiana author Jeff Bennington is giving a couple away.  Here are the terms of the contest from his website (You're going to want to go to his website to follow the links to all the blogs he posts below):

Follow the REUNION Blog Tour and WIN a FREE KINDLE!

Contest Rules:
Guess what? I'm giving away Two (2) FREE Kindles on The REUNION Blog Tour!  One is specifically for the kind folks who host me on the tour. The other Kindle is for anyone who follows the tour and follows the contest rules. If you'd like to win a Kindle, all you have to do is...

#1. Buy REUNION and email your receipt to reunion.kindlegiveaway@yahoo.com by May 13th.

#2. Comment on one or more blogs on the REUNION Blog Tour.

I'll video the drawing and have one of my children pick the winner. The video will be posted on my blog, The Writing Bomb on May 15th. Good luck!

Be sure to visit as many blog stops as possible. Read the different interviews and each unique guest post that pertain to the characters, the supernatural, what went into to writing REUNION, etc, etc, etc. I can't wait to see you there! - Jeff

Date            Blog                                                Topic
1 - Candace's Book Blog  - "The Story behind the Story." (REUNION available to eReaders.)
2 - The Cajun Book Lady  - "Meet the Survivors."
3 - Julia Madeleine's Blog - "Why write fiction about a school shooting?"
4 - Bewitched Book Worms - "Why ghosts make great antagonists."
5 - Indie Paranormal Book Reviews - "Creating back story: David Ray's dark past."
6 - The Creative Penn - "Got Story? - Get Edited."
7 - Pinnacle Writing - "Author Interview."
8 - Jemima Valentino's Blog - "Book to Print: The Making of a Story."
9 - Swamp Dwellers, Dark Fiction Book reviews - "The Dark in Fiction."
10 - Jennifer Wylie's Blog - "Author Interview."
11 - Kait Nolan - "Supernatural, Love, and Fear."
12 - The Writing Bomb - "Character Interview with Lana Jones & Noah Berkley."
13 - Reading Without Restraint - "Twenty years after the shooting."
14 - Good Choice Reading - "Jeff's only Live Interview: Open questions from host and followers."
15 - Preternatural Primer - "Building Suspense one Ghost at a Time."
16 - 100 Stars or Less - "Author interview"
17 - Readaholic - "My experience with Blog tours... so far."
18 - Lost For Words - "Interviewing Tanner Khan: The Lost Survivor."
19 - I Am a Reader Not a Writer - "Author interview."
20 - The Writing Bomb - "Remembering Columbine: April, 20, 1999."
21 - Go YAY Reviews - TBA
22 - Reena's Blog - "Making a story go from scratch."
23 - Wakela's World - TBA
24 - You Wanna Know What I Think? - "The Motivation Behind Reunion."
25 - The Book Tree - TBA
26 - My Reading Room - "Author Interview"
27 - My Neurotic Book Affair - "Character Interview with Nick Tooley: The cRaZy One."
28 - Courtney Conant's Blog -  "Questions about REUNION."
29 - The Writing Bomb - "Character Interview With Kate Schmidt Tooley: ."
30 - Paranormal Haven - "I'll have a Love, Ghosts and Fear Martini."

1 - The Writing Bomb - "Character Interview with Maria Vasquez: The Lonely One" (REUNION Available in Print!)
2 - My Eclectic Bookshelf - "My life as a Guest Blogger!"
3 - Fang-tastic Books - "Why I write Supernatural Thrillers."
4 - Bookhound's Den - "Proofing REUNION, what the Bookhound discovered."
5 - Patricia's Vampire Notes - "The story of Earl: My real ghost experience."
6 - AOBibliosphere - "Getting the story into Print and the Passion behind it."
7 - Book Noise - "How to Make a Book Read Loudly!"
8 - Yzhabella's Book Shelf - "Thoughts on Bringing Life into Paper."
9 - Rex Robot Reviews - "Thoughts on Plotting: How to pull it all together."
10 - JoJo's Book Corner - "Would the Correct Genre Please Stand!"
11 - Paul Joseph Writes - "Why Bullies Suck!"
12 - Frugal Family -
13 - OPEN: Last day of The REUNION Blog Tour!
14 - The Writing Bomb - Tour Wrap Up...Packing for Vacation.
14 - The Book Worm Blog - TBA
15 - Announce Winners of Kindle Giveaway!

After I finish a few book I'm currently reading I will review his book on this site.  Look forward to it!!

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