Friday, April 15, 2011

A Chronology of Music I've OBSESSED Over

My Chronology, of course, starts with Christian music from the days of my Christianity.  This list will only have the very best of what I was obsessed with over time. In this beginning period I was banned from "secular" music and had to listen to only approved Christian music.  This ban became more self imposed as my religious fervor grew throughout school.  Things were so much easier for me back then.  One song that really struck true for me in those days was "Lost the Plot."  Absolutely one of the songs that made me feel the fervor I desired.  This blog post will take you to Dystopia!

Ah, the Newsboys.  My favorite band for such a long time.  So much so, in fact, that the next song on my list is ALSO from this band.
In 1999 I heard this song for the first time in Middletown NY at my friend's house.  I remember staying up late into the night listening to the song on repeat while waiting to help him deliver newspapers the next morning. In those days I often stayed up late listening to music with friends.  D.C. Talk's "Supernatural" and Burlap to Cashmere's self titled debut were included in that list.  Eileen's song here. My father allowed me to listen to Burlap to Cashmere a lot because some of the music sounded oddly like one of his favorite singers, Don Fransisco.

I moved to Indiana from New York my senior year in high school (long story) so it became normal for me to find good music to listen to on those trips.  My brother lived in Indiana already, with my mother whom I lived with during my senior year (and who suddenly moved away before I finished school leaving me in Indiana depending on other people to have a place to live.... ultimately propelling me into the military as one of my only options).  On one such trip from NY back to Indiana with my brother and also my girlfriend (Amy Phifer at that time) I listened to a certain Relient K the ENTIRE TRIP.  One of the songs follows:

Things were so simply black and white in those days.  I joined the military and kept listening to a lot of Relient K.  This is probably why I get a sad bitter feeling when listening to them lately.. and event now while writing this.

But let's rewind just a bit!  There was music and Harry Potter!!!  When I read books I often also listen to music alongside those books.  Two such bands that I still enjoy that bring back memories of specific books include Brave Saint Saturn and House of Heroes.  I ALWAYS think of the 4th Harry Potter book.. a very sad book because of the death of Cedric Diggory, and the Brave Saint Saturn's first album.  Here is one amazing song (Skip the first 1:30 if you want to get to the music):

How can a robot in space cry?  Feel emotions?  Hurt? Die?  Maybe they can't.  Maybe WE are robots with these characteristics.  Maybe that's the expectations the world puts on us... don't feel, don't cry, don't die, so very alone, so far from home.

Then comes "1984" by George Orwell and the associated music I listened to while reading that book.  House of Heroes comes to mind and specifically the song "Julia."  If you read the novel while listening to this song it'll create an unforgettable emotional experience.  Julia was one of the main characters of the novel and a lover to the other main character.  The song may not sound like what one would typically find enjoyable.. at first.. but read the book.  The attached nostalgia will cripple you and make you fall in love with this band.
I read this book and listened to this song in one of the lowest periods of my life... a period to be overshadowed by later periods unfortunately.   This also coincided with reading books that would absolutely change my life... Atlas Shrugged, Free to Choose, and so on.  Very bittersweet.  I discovered secular music... The Killers... and Atheism in that period of my life.

Enough with that stuff.  Let's get into some GOOOD music.  Not all of this will be considered good to ALL hipsters, but, we'll see.

So good.. so good to repeat while drunk. This is Dystopia here!  Dystopia!!!!!!
Sorry, had to.
This next one I listened to all night long a few times...
And, to tone it down.. back to my nature
And... back to the distant past....
And again.. the Wallflowers.. when I thought I had a crush on the prettiest girl in my NY school.  Reading the book "The Perks of being a Wallflower" only increased my unreasonable associations with the band, their music, and love.
Maybe it wasn't an UNREASONABLE association... the opening lyrics are great.  Those were good days.  Days of very little worry.  As a juxtaposition to the present it may be a necessary Utopia for any Dystopia.

Despite all my negativity and cynicism I REALLY DO think my best days are ahead.  I don't want my best days to be some easy moments of my youth... mitigated only by variations of religious fervor and purity... but days ahead where I can put my mind into real action.  Maybe that's what's attractive about the Shinedown song.. one of revolution and action!  Maybe it should be an anthem for revolution for my Dystopian revolutionaries!!!  Maybe.

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