Sunday, April 17, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is Expanding!!

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Atlas Shrugged opened at 300 theaters this weekend with a theater average of $5,590, 3rd highest of the top 20 films, which has led to it's ability to expand.  Brandon Gray from Box Office Mojo does a good analysis on whether or not it's opening weekend should be considered a success or a failure.  After a generally negative analysis he adds:

One positive sign, though, would be if there's a significant opportunity to expand. "We are looking to expand to 1,000 screens subject to logistics," said producer Harmon Kaslow in an email. "There's strong interest from the exhibitors and we're getting very positive word of mouth from our core target audience."
Positive indeed!  If the end goal is to convert people to liberty Ayn Rand's ideas are certainly a good way to do it.  Convincing someone to go to a movie is much easier than convincing them to read a 1,000 plus page book.

Some left leaning libertarians are a bit cynical over how this movie was advertised.  One statement that has them clamoring a bit is the advertisement below when Hank Reardon says "My only goal IS to make money" in response to advice on public perception.

Here is MY REVIEW of the movie and here is the review of the movie by a friend who has not read the book and can provide a less biased perspective.  The latter review, by Mike Billy, expresses some positives and negatives.  Here is a bit of both:

 Being someone with only a cursory knowledge of the novel’s plot, I was honestly captivated. It took a little while – about thirty minutes in – to get exciting, but once the conflicts started to develop there was no looking back. I just wish the major conflicts would have been introduced earlier in the film to get it off to a quick. It was also slightly disappointing that the film ended just as the conflict was starting to build to the next level, but that makes me want to see the next one, assuming there is a next one.
If you have not read the book I highly recommend it.  It is one of those things that could possibly change your life if you're not too critical about unrealistic characters.  It is also something that is captivating, something that keeps one guessing, which apparently WAS captured at least a little bit in the movie as someone who hasn't read the book, quoted up, reported being "captivated."

All in all I would say it was a successful weekend for Atlas Shrugged and for liberty!  

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