Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Predicting the NCAA Tournament Champion: Butler Bulldogs! Without Their Mascot!!

I don't like the NCAA, at all.  As Spike Lee said, they are the biggest pimps on the block.  They work with already tax subsidized universities and administrations to make billions of dollars off of the talent of athletes.  Not to worry though!  They spend it on scholarships for students.... which go directly back into their pockets.  Athletes get paid nothing (other than an education that is becoming more and more worthless).

So as the tournament begins the NCAA rules on another ridiculous item.  The Butler Bulldogs are unable to bring their mascot.  The NCAA pimps want the money and the fun.  So, I am rooting more strongly for the Butler Bulldogs during this tournament.  In fact, they are my pick to win it all.

Watch the video below.  It'll help you understand the intensity of how close Butler was.

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